Your guide on finding commercial trucking insurance in 2020

How to find Commercial Trucking Insurance in 2020 and beyond If you are an independent commercial truck driver then you will have to have amazing insurance coverage when you are on the road to protect you from anything that could happen. The most important thing to know before going with an insurance company is that you are getting the most coverage for the best price. You can make sure this happens by talking to several commercial trucking insurance brokers before you decide on the one to go with. Below are some tips to finding the best dump truck insurance for your commercial truck.

1.) Research the types of coverage options you need
Trucker insurance brokers have several insurance coverage options to pick from to build your unique coverage packages. You can get coverage options such as liability coverage, cargo coverage, and collision coverage. All of these things are essential to have for a good policy, but there are also some add-ons that can be great to have but may not be absolutely necessary. It is important to figure out what is absolutely necessary and what is just extra stuff you have to pay for that is not a true asset to you or your truck. Knowing how much coverage you need will end up saving you hundreds of dollars every year. Learn about the different coverage options out there so you can have a good grasp on what is the right one for you.

2.) Find out what discounts are available
Truck insurance brokers have several discounts they offer drivers who are at low risk of costing them money. If they notice that you have a good credit score, don’t have any driving violations on your record, have experience driving commercial trucks, CDL licenses, a clean driving record, and other factors, then you are much more likely to have lower premiums. On top of lower premiums, you are also more likely to qualify for things like special discounts other drivers do not qualify for. Ask what discounts insurance brokers offer and see if you qualify for them.

3.) Gather available information on the company
Once you zone in on a few truck insurance brokers, do your homework on each of them and make sure they are reputable and come well-reviewed. You can do this by going to your state’s insurance department website and looking up the brokers you are interested in. This will give you information on what consumers say about the broker you are interested in and you will hear testimonials from real truckers who have used these brokers. If you have a few brokers in mind that have given you good rates you can also search the internet and find what other drivers are saying about them. This will give you a baseline for which brokers treat their customers right and which ones you should stay away from.

4.) Read through your policy before signing
Insurance policies are legally binding contracts which means that once you sign it, you are locked into it. Before signing onto a new policy, read through it carefully so that you are well informed and avoid any issues in the future. If something looks wrong or you have any questions, ask your broker for clarification before signing. It is important to protect yourself and read it thoroughly.