Surfboard Fins Overview

Surfboard – Compare The Major Fin Types

If you want to surf well on the water, you want to have the right fins to keep you going. What you want to look for in the right fins is the size, riding style and your surfboard’s fin box.

Before you think about all of the above, you must understand the difference between glassed-in fins and the swappable fins.

Glassed-In Fins

These fins are laminated into your surfboard and are smoother and secure than removable fins. Keep in mind; glassed-in fins are more difficult to repair and aren’t as versatile as removable fins.

Swappable/Removable Fins

As you may have guessed, swappable fins can be removed by the “boxes” on a surfboard that the fins can be screwed into. To add or remove the fins, you need to use a fin key and adjust the small inset screws that are usually stainless steel. However, if you force your fins into your box, it could damage your board or your fin. You should always make sure your screws are tight enough, also make sure your fin is in the direction. The center and outside fins come in different shapes, ensure that you have the fin that is the right fit for your box. The best time to tighten your screws is when your fins are in place, tighten them with the key and make sure they are secure but not too tight.

Surfboard Box’s & Compatibility

There are two major different box types, FCS fin boxes, and futures fin boxes. Surfboards with removable fins are certain to have either of these types of boxes.

FCS Fin Boxes
Fin Ccontrol System boxes are the most widely used system for surfboard fins and the most popular brand is fins unlimited. They used two tags or plugs that are secured to the board by using screws. FCS II fin boxes were recently introduced into the surfing world. These boxes can be installed or removed without a key or grub screws. Know that you can use your dual FCS fins with the new FCS II system with a compatible kit that required.

Futures Fin Boxes
Futures fin boxes use a Truss base and the entire length of your fin box for a strong, light-weight connection. What holds the fin in place are the quick and easy set screws.

FCS and Futures fin boxes arne’t cross-compatible. Please remember that to use the fins that are compatible with your fin boxes installed in your surfboard.

Choosing The Correct Fin

What ou want to do first when choosing your correct fin is considered your weight. If you want to find the correct fin’s, you need to choose the correct fin size. Once you have determined the correct fin size, you will need to consider your fin configuration or fin setup. It will be configured with 1 to 5 boxes.

As you have learned, choosing the correct fin type for your surfboard is critical to your success with it on the water. Before you do anything with customizing your board, the first thing you do is become familiar with it. Know the in’s and out’s of it and then it will be time for you to customize or fix it. You could also take it in or talk to someone who knows more about them then you do.